Riverview Mechanics Answer: Why is my car not starting?

Riverview Mechanics Answer: Why is my car not starting?

Question: Why is my car not starting?

Our Answer:

The most common problem we see that results in a car not starting is a broken fuel pump.

The fuel pump is part of the fuel system. It’s responsible for pumping fuel at a certain pressure to the engine. Whenever fuel filters get clogged with dirt and other particles from driving, it causes the fuel pump to work harder. Ultimately, the fuel pump will wear out and stop working.

Check your fuel pump first

Sputtering sounds, a loss in engine power and stalling are the first indicators that something is wrong with the fuel system. However, there’s always the possibility another part of the engine is to blame.

In this case, we recommend verifying the fuel pump is the cause. Enlist the help of a friend to turn the key in the ignition just so that the battery turns on. Do not try to start the car. As your friend turns the key, listen near your gas tank with the gas cap off. You’ll hear the fuel pump hum for two or three seconds if it’s working. If you don’t hear anything, then the fuel pump is broken or it isn’t getting any power from the battery.

Damage Prevention

The most economical way to take care of your fuel system is to clean it. Whenever you have an oil change, go ahead and check the fuel and air filters. Then, have a complete fuel system cleaning every 15,000 miles. It keeps the system working like the first day you got the car. When dirt and other contaminants find their way into your car, they’ll clog the filters that keep your fuel clean. This will cause the system to work harder and wear out quicker. Clean the system every once in a while and reap the benefits!

Fuel System Services in Riverview, FL

Gas is the power source that propels your vehicle forward. Efficient delivery of the fuel is essential to keeping your car running efficiently. If you know your car is using more gas than usual or doesn’t accelerate as fast as it should – give us a call at Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon!