How to Know When You Need a Brake Inspection in Riverview, FL

How to Know When You Need a Brake Inspection in Riverview, FL

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The brakes on your car are crucial to your safety. They may not be as glamorous as your touch screen radio or as attractive as your new paint job, but they are pivotal when it comes to stopping your car and, in turn, saving your life. This is why it’s so important for you to be able to recognize the warning signs that indicate a need for brake repair or service. If you experience any of these four signs, stop by Christian Brothers Automotive in Riverview, FL 33569 for a break inspection.

1. Worn Down Pads
Worn down brake pads are very dangerous because they are not as effective in stopping your car. Each time you push on your brakes, a pair of padded clamps known as “brake pads” squeeze together onto a circular disc known as the rotor. This squeezing creates resistance, which works to stop the car. As time passes and more resistance is applied, your brake pads become thinner. If it has been a while since you have replaced your brake pads, bring your car in to Christian Brothers Automotive – Brandon. Our highly trained ASE-certified technicians can inspect your brake pads and determine if they are still up to par.

2. Unusual Sounds
Automobiles come equipped with a tiny sensor located in the braking system that indicates when the brake pads are worn down. When the brake pads need replacing, the sensor releases a high pitch sound in order to notify the driver. In addition to the high pitch screeching, there might also be a grinding sound. The grinding sound also means that your brake pads are worn down, leaving your rotors vulnerable to damage. Damaged rotors are a very costly repair. So in order to avoid this, it’s important to get routine scheduled maintenance on your brakes.

3. Pulling
If you notice your car pulling in one particular direction, then you might have a braking issue. Your vehicle could be pulling more to one side than the other because of uneven brake pads applying varying amounts of pressure. If this happens to you, come visit us at Christian Brothers Automotive near Fish Hawk and we will be happy to examine your automobile in order to find the source of the problem and completely repair it.

4. Vibrations
When you have an antilock braking system and you stop suddenly, it is normal to feel pulsing vibrations. Although, if your brakes are vibrating under normal circumstances, it may be a sign that the surface of your rotors are distorted. The vibrations that you are feeling is the feedback of the distorted, uneven surfaces of your rotors hitting against your brake pads. Also, if you find yourself having to firmly press your brakes all the way to the floor in order to stop your vehicle, or if your brakes are so sensitive that they stop at the slightest touch, then you have a brake issue. If you see your ABS light activate and remain turned on, bring your car in for a brake inspection right away.

It’s very dangerous to drive with damaged brakes. If you begin experiencing any of these issues, Christian Brothers Automotive in Riverview would be pleased to do a Courtesy Inspection on your automobile in order to identify the source of the problem and find a solution. Always be aware of changes in your vehicle. Keep a look out for these four signs and stay safe on the road by regularly maintaining your brake pads and rotors. Come by your local Christian Brothers Automotive located at the corner of Boyette Road & McMullen Road for a brake inspection today!

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