Diesel Engines in Pflugerville

Diesel Engines in Pflugerville

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Diesel engines are largely known as the force behind monstrous trucks and farming equipment. They are also used in various foreign made vehicles, such as Mercedes and VWs. But why was the diesel engine invented and what separates it from gasoline engines? Rudolf Diesel invented the process after he researched the inefficiencies of gasoline engines. Gasoline engines, as initially conceived, were horribly inefficient. They only used 10 percent of available heat. The rest was wasted. Diesel wanted to make a better engine.

The Mechanics Behind Diesel Engines

There isn't much of a difference between diesel and gasoline engines. At their simplest, both are combustible engines that create mechanical energy. In every combustible engine, energy leads to pistons moving back and forth. The motion of the pistons moves the crankshaft and that creates the motion needed to move the wheels of the car.

Small explosions power both diesel and gasoline engines. There is a difference, however, in how those explosions occur. Gasoline engines mix fuel with air that is then compressed by pistons and ignited by sparks. Diesel engines compress the air first and then inject the fuel. Because air becomes hotter when it is compressed, the process of compression creates the spark.

Diesel Engines Today

Diesels in cars, as mentioned above, aren't very popular in the United States. Europe boasts many models of commuter vehicles that are powered by diesel. As diesel improves, it's becoming more and more popular in the United States.

Christian Brothers of Pflugerville

Do you own a vehicle with a diesel engine in Pflugerville? Take it into Christian Brothers. Our mechanics have been thoroughly trained to repair diesel engines.

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