Are Pricey Replacement Brake Pads Worth It?

Are Pricey Replacement Brake Pads Worth It?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

A good pair of brake pads will last 30-50,000 miles. Top pad manufacturers use ceramic, metallic or organic material to make the replacement pads. This brake pad presses against the rotor, causing friction and slowing, enough to slow down your vehicle.

After a car has burned through its OEM brake pads, it needs new ones. There’s also the matter of performance level to take into account. But replacement brakes can be costly if you aren’t careful – read on to uncover the details. The factors to consider are livability issues like noise and dust plus stopping power.

First, think about what it’s made of. Generally speaking, the most costly brakes are semi-metallic. They resist heat very well, so make for the best brake fade resistance. You will notice a lot of unwanted sound and dust. At Christian Brothers of Pflugerville, our mechanics don’t prefer these for average cars.

Organic brake pads are the next big choice. These are the quietest and least dusty pads available, but they are the worst at stopping power friction force.

The final main option is replacement pads in ceramic. These will be a top choice since asbestos pads were found out to be dangerous, and a fantastic alternative for most vehicles. Choose these pads for stopping power and heat tolerance. They don’t stop working quickly, either. Plus, the dust they emit is minimal. They are not made for top performance though.

Now that you know the materials that make up brake pads, we can go over their construction. The main differentiator between OEM pads and aftermarket ones is glue vs. molding. Original auto factories mold the pad material and shim together at high pressure.

With cheap replacements, the friction plate is glued to the backing plate, and shims aren’t usually included. You can get breaking, cracking, and brakes that wear out quickly.

Our team would appreciate the chance explain more. We invite you to schedule a visit.

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