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At Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha, we understand that a well-maintained suspension system is crucial for a smooth and safe driving experience. Our skilled technicians specialize in car suspension repair services to ensure your vehicle handles the road with ease. Whether you need routine suspension maintenance or more complex repairs, we are equipped to provide top-quality service for all makes and models.

Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension System

The suspension system of your vehicle is a complex network of components designed to absorb shocks and maintain tire contact with the road. It includes parts such as springs, shock absorbers, struts, control arms, and more. Properly functioning suspension not only ensures a smoother ride but also enhances vehicle control and reduces wear on other components.

Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Work

It's essential to recognize the symptoms of a failing suspension system. Here's how to tell if your car needs suspension work:

  • Unusual noises when driving over bumps
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Excessive bouncing after hitting a bump
  • Difficulty steering

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to bring your vehicle to Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha for a comprehensive evaluation.

Suspension Inspection Checklist

Our technicians follow a detailed suspension inspection checklist to diagnose issues accurately. This includes:

  • Visual inspection of all suspension components
  • Checking for signs of fluid leaks from shocks or struts
  • Assessing the condition of suspension bushings
  • Testing the responsiveness of shock absorbers and struts
  • Evaluating wheel alignment

After a thorough inspection, we'll discuss any necessary repairs or maintenance with you.

Common Suspension Problems and Solutions

Some of the common suspension problems and solutions we address include:

  • Worn out shock absorbers - Replacement with quality parts
  • Damaged springs - Repair or replacement as needed
  • Bent struts or control arms - Straightening or replacing the components
  • Wheel misalignment - Precision alignment services

Our team is committed to diagnosing and fixing your suspension issues with professionalism and efficiency.

Vehicle Shock Absorber Replacement

Shock absorbers are critical for controlling the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle's springs and suspension. When these components wear out, we offer vehicle shock absorber replacement services using high-quality parts to restore your vehicle's stability and comfort.

Strut Assembly Education and Services

Struts are a vital part of your vehicle's suspension system, providing structural support and impact absorption. Our team can educate you on the function of struts and offer comprehensive strut assembly education and services to ensure your vehicle maintains optimal performance.

Wheel Alignment for a Smoother Ride

Proper wheel alignment is essential for a smooth ride and even tire wear. Our state-of-the-art wheel alignment services ensure your vehicle's wheels are set to the optimum position as per your vehicle manufacturer's specifications, resulting in a smoother ride and extended tire life.

Automotive Suspension System Troubleshooting

At Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha, we excel in automotive suspension system troubleshooting. Our team uses advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint issues and provide effective repairs to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Quality Suspension Parts and Installation

We believe in using only the highest quality suspension parts and installation techniques. Our commitment to excellence means we provide durable parts and expert installation services, ensuring long-lasting repairs and peace of mind on the road.

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What to Expect With a Suspension Service

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1. Schedule Your Appointment

Whether scheduling online or over the phone be sure and let us know what you're experiencing so we can provide fast and accurate service advice.

2. Diagnostics and Inspections

Drop off your vehicle and the shop will get to work with inspections and diagnostics using the same equipment as the manufacturers to determine issues and next steps.

3. Digital Vehicle Inspection Report and Estimate

Following the diagnosis we will text you a digital vehicle inspection report, containing pictures and videos of our findings and recommendations.

4. Review and Approval

A service advisor will reach out to walk you through the findings and recommendations to determine how you would like to proceed, or you can approve work directly in your DVI.

5. Work Performed or Scheduled

Most work can be completed immediately, or scheduled based on parts and customer availability.

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Warning Signs for Brake Service

Typically brake problems stem from worn brake pads or rotors. When you stop, your brake pads create friction to help slow your vehicle, while your rotors disperse heat to prevent your brakes from overheating. Both pieces are essential when it comes to functioning brakes. Fortunately, if either of these pieces are damaged, we can replace them.
You may also be experiencing brake problems because of low brake fluid. This fluid is responsible for turning the force you add to your braking system by pushing the pedal into amplified pressure that will actually slow or stop your vehicle. It also protects the internal metal components of your brakes from corrosion.

How We Can Help

As your partners in automotive care, we service your brakes as thoroughly as possible, conducting a full inspection before determining and fixing the problem.

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  • Q. "How do I know if my suspension needs service?"
    Signs that your car needs suspension service include braking problems, abnormal noises, and excessive bouncing. If you are experiencing any of these problems, we recommend getting your vehicle looked at by our professional technicians.
  • Q. "What is the difference between shocks and struts?"
    While one of them will be found in every one of your vehicle’s tires, a vehicle will either have a shock or a strut at each wheel, never both. A shock cannot be used to replace a strut and a strut cannot be used to replace a shock. Which one does your vehicle have? Depends on the make and model. Learn more here.
  • Q. "How often should I have my suspension system looked at?"
    We recommend that you have it looked at once a year or every 12,000 miles along with your regular scheduled maintenance. If you want to learn more about signs that your suspension is worn click here.
  • Q. "Do you offer a shuttle service?"
    Yes! we understand you have a full schedule. Whether you need to get to work, school, or need to attend to other responsibilities, we can take you where you need to go. Click here to learn more.
  • Q. "Do you offer a warranty?"
    As part of our Nice difference.® commitment to providing our customers the best auto service experience possible, we also offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all the work that we do. We offer this warranty at every Christian Brothers Automotive nationwide, and it will be honored at any location, regardless of which branch did the initial work.
  • Q. "Can you provide service under my extended warranty?"
    Yes. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we work with all major extended warranty providers to make needed repairs for our customers. If you have an extended warranty, you can discuss your carrier with our team when scheduling an appointment and confirm that the work will be covered. You can find a partial list of the extended warranty companies we work with here.

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