How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer

How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer

Keep Your Cool

If you didn’t miss that broken A/C during the winter, you will be soon. To skip out on the nightmare of being stuck in a hot car, you may only need to recharge the air conditioning system with some additional refrigerant. If the A/C problem is a bit more complex, stop by our local Olathe, KS auto repair shop and our technicians will take care of everything so your car stays cool all summer long.

Maintain Your Tires

Keeping your tires in good condition is always important. Two items you should always be aware of are tread wear and air pressure. As the temperature fluctuates, air pressure will change as air in the tires expands and contracts. One way prevent uneven tread wear is having the tires rotated at the time of your oil change depending on frequency.

Test Your Car Battery

Winter temperatures are known for making starting a bit rough, but summer temperatures can be even more damaging for a car’s battery. In the heat, battery fluid can evaporate, leaving the internal structure of the battery damaged. Have your battery tested now so you don’t have to worry about it later this summer.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe, our courteous staff is here to make sure you and your car have a great summer. We’ll make sure your vehicle doesn’t quit on you just as the fun is about to start. Automotive issues are often connected to heat and humidity and our technicians can keep your car or truck protected. Call our Olathe, Kansas auto repair center today to schedule an appointment and see the nice difference!