How To Protect Your Vehicle from Transmission Damage in Olathe

How To Protect Your Vehicle from Transmission Damage in Olathe

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Today, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe are going to discuss the finer details of transmission maintenance and cleaning. The next time you walk into your local Missouri or Kansas auto shop, you won’t feel so intimidated by your mechanic!

Why is transmission fluid important?

The transmission fluid is the whole system’s lifeblood. It flows through the transmission components to lubricate and cool so that everything runs smoothly and nothing overheats. It’s normal for the fluid to degrade overtime. As the fluid becomes older, there are a few things that need to be kept up with.

What to check with transmission fluid:

  •      Fluid quality
  •      Fluid level
  •      Fluid pressure
  •      Whether the fluid has been contaminated
  •      Whether the filter needs to be changed

Contamination of the transmission fluid will also cause a number of problems. To combat dirt and other particles found on the road, the transmission has a filter to block these from entering the system with the fluid. Changing the filter regularly is an easy way to protect your entire transmission system.

Automatic transmission maintenance and repairs

Transmissions have a bad reputation for requiring some of the most expensive automotive repairs. Fortunately, there are plenty of precautions Kansas drivers can take to safeguard the transmission.

Since something as simple as the transmission fluid level can have a huge impact on your car, check the level at every oil change. This will help you stay on top of leaks and fill the fluid to the correct level before any harm can be done.

We also recommend a complete transmission system flush when the fluid starts to degrade. The flush will clear out all of the fluid that’s still stored in the seal between the engine and the transmission. The common drain and fill services only replace the fluid that’s still in the transmission pan, which is only about half of the total amount of fluid in your car.

Transmission Service at your Olathe auto shop

At Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe, we know the transmission can be a pain to deal with. That’s why we have experts to help you take care of any minor issues before they turn into major repairs. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Olathe, Kansas today to schedule your next transmission service. See the nice difference!

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