Does Extended Warranty Service Fit The Needs Of Olathe Drivers?

Many new car customers are offered an extended warranty (or service contract), but is this service really necessary?

At Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe, we want to bring light to this complicated subject.

What is extended warranty service?

We first want you to understand what extended warranty coverage really is. An extended warranty is a lot like life insurance, but for cars. Similar to life insurance, you pay more up front with the promise of saving money long-term.

If your car breaks down unexpectedly, you not longer have to worry about the high cost for repairs. An extended warranty ensures you get the service you need by covering all or some of the maintenance and repair costs.

Do you need extended warranty service?

Of course, you may not need an extended warranty to begin with! If you bring the vehicle into our Olathe auto repair shop for a pre-purchase inspection, we’ll let you know whether extended warranties would benefit you in the long run.

During a complete pre-purchase inspection, our ASE-certified master technicians determine the car’s true value and condition. We won’t make the choice for you, but will provide the information needed to make the right decision for your situation.

Our Olathe car service is convenience at its best

We want to make extended warranty service quick and painless. At our Olathe car repair shop, we help you through the process every step of the way. To check on your extended warranty, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Olathe, Kansas today. Discover the nice difference!