7 Tricks To Beat Allergies This Fall And Winter

7 Tricks To Beat Allergies This Fall And Winter

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Whether it’s in your home, car, or at work, now is the time weather changes are the most potent. This is the most important time make sure all air filters are clean so you can breathe easy, and stay healthy in the cold. Fall is one of the worst times of the year for allergies, and you won’t want them keeping you down.

Here are seven things you can do to keep as much dirt, dust and pollen out of your way as possible.

1. Get an air filter check in your car

When it comes to your car, this is the most important step. The average American spends 38 hours driving to work and back in a year. Everything you breathe in the car goes through the cabin air filter (if you’re in a newer car), whether it’s steamy hot, freezing cold, or somewhere in between.

Having clean air filters that trap dust, pollen, bacteria and exhaust is an important function of your car, and is imperative to staying healthy. It often goes neglected, but it is important to have a technician check your air filter system in your car every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

2. Keep your pets clean

If you have a dog or a cat, keeping them brushed and bathed is vital to their health and yours. By keeping your pets clean, you reduce the chance of anything being tracked into the house. Allergens and pollen get caught in their fur. Regular baths keep these irritants from dissipating through the open spaces of your house and affecting you.

3. Install a good air filter in your home

Just like in your car, you have an air filter in your home’s heating/cooling system. Replacing this is a must, just as it is in your car. It should ideally be replaced every three months to make sure the air flowing through your home is as clean and pollutant-free as possible.

4. Get an air purifier

Specifically to be placed in your bedroom or living room, air purifiers are becoming more common in the average house. With windows and screen doors open frequently, it’s impossible for your central heating system to filter most of the air in your home.

Having an air purifier significantly reduces your exposure to common allergens from the outdoors. And that’s the point – staying healthy.

5. Keep pets out of your room

Dog and cat owners love to let those furry little guys all over the place. But, it is essential to keep pets out of the bedroom. When you sleep, your immune system, just like your body, is taking the time it needs to relax. This is where you can become most susceptible to allergens, so keep these places as clean as possible for your health.

6. Wipe down surfaces

When it comes to your house, just like the interior of your car, nothing is more important than keeping surfaces clean. Wipe down the most commonly-used areas of your home, such as counters, shelves and appliance handles with cleaning wipes.

This will ensure that you keep many of the same harmful particles that you are exposed to in your car from spreading in your living space.

7. Vacuum and clean your house

Most particles in your home will find a resting place on windows, blinds, and, of course, your carpets. Just as important as wiping things down is vacuuming your house. Keeping your carpets clean will reduce dust in your house and, if you have pets, hair and dander as well.

It’s also helpful to have a cleaning checklist to help you organize when you want to clean which parts of your house, and stay on top of it!

With these simple tasks at hand, you will be at your best.

This fall and winter, use our seven allergy-free tips so you don’t have to worry about those pesky allergens getting in the way of whatever plans life has in store for you!

For more tips on getting your car ready for fall and winter, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Olathe, Kansas today.

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