3 Things We Wish You Knew about Your Cooling System

3 Things We Wish You Knew about Your Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Some go to their local Kansas auto repair shop under the impression that the cooling system is also the air conditioner. While the A/C may keep you cool, the cooling system keeps the engine running at the just the right temperature.

Even if the engine overheats just once, it can cause severe damage.

So here are a few pieces of advice from the ASE-certified technicians at our Olathe auto shop.

1. All antifreeze is not created equal

Drivers think it’s ok to grab the cheapest antifreeze (or coolant) and fill their coolant reserve up with it. Don’t do that. There are many different kinds of antifreeze with different chemical mixtures.

The manufacturer of your vehicle has already weighed all the variables and selected the coolant that will best serve your vehicle. If you use the wrong antifreeze, it might not lubricate certain components (such as the water pump), and could cause corrosion.

2. Antifreeze is a dangerous chemical – stop those leaks!

Leaks typically develop around the hoses used for the cooling system. They start out as drip leaks, slowly draining your coolant. Many people leave this problem alone thinking that as long as they keep filling their coolant, it’s fine. This is not true!

Antifreeze is a dangerous chemical and it is illegal to pollute surface waters with it. Rain will sweep any traces of antifreeze you’ve left behind into the storm drains.

Not to mention, if a leak isn’t fixed, the hose will burst. Get the leak fixed before it becomes a bigger problem with a bigger price tag.

3. Regular check-ups are the key to a healthy cooling system

To make sure your cooling system is in good condition, have the levels and quality of the coolant checked with every oil change. You don’t need to replace it every 3,000 miles, but coolant will eventually lose its potency.

If the levels are lower than they should be, there could be a leak. These simple checks will allow you to take a proactive stance on your cooling system maintenance.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe in Olathe, KS, we thoroughly inspect your cooling system and ensure quality, professional service. We back our cooling system maintenance with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. See the nice difference!

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