Do You Know The Benefits To Car Air Filter Replacement?

Do You Know The Benefits To Car Air Filter Replacement?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Why do air filters need to be replaced?

Rich White, executive director for the Car Care Council, makes a strong case for cabin air filter replacement when he tells us, “Checking the cabin air filter is a simple preventive maintenance step that goes a long way toward protecting passengers, as well as the vehicle’s HVAC system.”

What does the air filter have to do with the AC system? When the cabin air filter obstructs with accumulated waste, it can also clog the heater and air conditioner. If your auto mechanic only checks the AC system or cooling system without first assessing the cabin air filter’s health, you could pay the cost of unnecessary repairs.

With any air filter service, it’s important to always replace a dirty air filter. Just cleaning the air filter and reinstalling it doesn’t adequately protect your air conditioning system.

Can a dirty air filter impact fuel economy?

While a soiled cabin air filter can affect the AC system, a dirty engine air filter can cause engine performance problems. This is understandable, considering your car can use more than 10,000 gallons of oxygen for every gallon of fuel burned.

Replacing an old engine air filter can go a long way towards increasing the vehicle’s efficiency. In fact, changing a dirty engine filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10%.

The Nice Difference in air filter service

With your authorization, our ASE-certified technicians perform a visual evaluation every 3,000-6,000 miles to ensure both the cabin air filter and engine air intake filters are in the right condition. A visual inspection is free of charge, and it never hurts to look. At Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe, we can personally assure our professional staff never suggests an unnecessary replacement.

If it’s been more than a year since your last air filtration system check, you notice a dirty or musty smell from the air vents, or you discover a loss in acceleration power, call to schedule an air filter inspection. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Olathe, Kansas for a filter check today and we’ll make sure you see the nice difference!

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