Get Checked Out and Drive For Less for the Holiday Season

The AAA examines these holiday issues on a national level and released information last week predicting that about 46 million people throughout the country plan to travel this season. That's up 4 percent over 2013. The best part, though, is that fuel prices will be about 46 cents less per gallon than in 2013. Prices haven't been any lower since 2009.

The savings could be big enough that you could increase your holiday spending for things including gifts and celebrations, but some analysts say higher retail costs could offset any spending gains. Nevertheless, you will have the option to drive more on your fuel budget than you might have thought.

If you will be driving at all, however, the car care experts at Christian Brothers in St. Peters, MO recommend getting a holiday driving auto checkup before you head out. With more traveling, your risk of having to cope with things such as ice and snow goes up, making this especially important.

If you stop in, we will assist with the following:

  • Clean and flush the engine cooling and antifreeze
  • Test and re-aim lights for winter driving
  • Get an oil change
  • Kick those tires and check tread
  • Check the spark plugs
  • Make sure the heater and your car's engine thermostat are working properly
  • Check for dangerous CO2 leaks
  • Doublecheck the brakes
  • Check the battery and charging system

There are also steps for safety that you can take by yourself, including stocking the car with food, warm clothes and scrapers. We also recommend that you never let your fuel tank empty fully in order so the fuel lines don't crack.