Save Money – You Don’t Need Premium Gasoline

Save Money – You Don’t Need Premium Gasoline

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Many of our customers believe that using premium fuel will mean more longevity for the engine, and they even tell others about premium fuel having better detergents than regular fuel. It’s a false idea furthered by the oil industry. Check the owner’s manual. If premium fuel isn’t called for, you will never need it. If the requirement isn’t there, avoid premium and save yourself the money.

When auto engines aren’t created for premium gas, they will not ever benefit from the higher-octane fuel. It is all about combustion. Premium gas ignites at a higher temperature, so it can withstand more compression without reigniting. Pricier fuel also has lower levels of heptanes, which also helps with preventing the reignition at low temps. Even the U.S. government agrees – there’s no advantage for it in the average tank.

In cases where the owner’s manual does call for premium gasoline, you may not always want it. Especially if you drive a 1996 or later because those engines are likely to have technology that adjusts timing properly. With premium-designed engines that are meant for premium fuel, the low-temperature can mean better performance. The pricey unleaded gasoline also prevents pinging or knocking noise. However, if you aren’t racing or hauling heavy loads, the difference in performance is minimal but the cost is far greater. The only exception is for automobiles that have knocking when regular fuel is in the tank, even under standard driving conditions. For these vehicles, do a little more research or ask our ACE-certified technicians about using the right fuel.

Do I Always Need Gas Instead of Diesel?

Gasoline and diesel don’t play well together. You could stall the engine completely. You will have to pay for a system flush. Diesel is a little grimier and much thicker than unleaded, and gasoline engines are different in many ways. First, diesel engines don’t include spark plugs. Instead, the fuel is ignited by the heat of compressed air, which is compressed before the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. With gasoline, fuel and air are combined first and then the spark plugs ignite the mixture.

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