Getting Your Vehicle Road-Ready for Summer: 2020 Edition

Getting Your Vehicle Road-Ready for Summer: 2020 Edition

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Summer’s coming!

Happy summer, neighbors – well, almost! Fortunately, we had a pretty mild winter this year, and Spring is here. As of this writing, we are well into the realm of COVID-19. I sincerely hope for everyone’s good health and wellbeing, and I encourage you to continue to take all the necessary precautions to safeguard yourselves and those around you.

Some of your travel may have been affected by our current reality. You rely on your car a lot, be it for vacation travel, or locally going to your job, running errands, transporting the kids, or an endless list of other things that keep you busy. However, because of our current reality, you might be doing things differently now, at least for the time being. Be assured though, this too shall pass.

Our automobiles are one of our links to freedom. We’re virtually free to drive anywhere, at any time. But there is sometimes a “take-it-for-granted” concept of that spontaneity. You know, where you can just jump in your car, and, magically, with the turn of the key, hundreds of complex systems and parts bring your car to life, enabling you to simply drive away. Until you can’t. Problems arising from not preforming required maintenance or repairs are a major contributor to unexpected vehicle problems that could leave you with a car that won’t start, or a breakdown while on the road. Your pre-summer driving checklist should include several items that need taken care of before hitting the road, locally or for long distance travel.

Begin with the basics and make an appointment for service, including an oil and filter change, fluid checks, tire inspection and air pressure checks (don’t forget the spare), and verification of proper operating of lights and windshield wipers along with a complete vehicle inspection. A side-note about windshield wipers: the reality is that wipers do not last forever. In fact, most begin to lose their effectiveness in as few as six to eight months. Rarely do they last beyond that because of the high temperatures in the summer. Sure, they may wipe water away, but they could streak or chatter, making for an unpleasant and maybe an unsafe drive in the rain.

Also be sure to check everything that’s cooling system related, such as coolant level and condition, hoses, drive belts, and radiator. With higher summer temperatures, these systems and parts are subject to adverse operating conditions, so proper inspection and service can help reduce sudden issues from happening.

There’s nothing like traveling in comfort that’s provided by your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It’s a good idea to have the air conditioning system performance tested to help identify early problems that could leave you hot.

There is a false belief by some that vehicles are maintenance-free, which of course is far from the truth. Many of today’s engines exceed the engineering precision used on the space shuttle. While most oil changes performed at automotive service facilities typically cost anywhere from $35 to $70 (depending on oil type, quantity, and filter), a replacement engine in some vehicles can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for a new replacement. The math is easy. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s service intervals or ask your ASE Certified automotive service professional.

Christian Brothers Automotive Mooresville is here to help with you with all repairs and services, for all makes and models. Call today at 704.448.0770 to make an appointment for your vehicle’s complimentary courtesy inspection. We’re pleased to offer our industry-leading warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs LAST! We are also now offering vehicle pick-up and drop-off to make your auto care experience even more convenient. Come experience the Nice Difference today.

Doug Vidler, Owner

Christian Brothers Automotive, Mooresville

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