Getting Your Vehicle Road-Ready for Summer: 2019 Edition

Getting Your Vehicle Road-Ready for Summer: 2019 Edition

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Many drivers put vehicle maintenance on autopilot, waiting for a “ding” from the vehicle’s onboard reminder or by following decades-old habits. While some things in your car are serviced less often compared to vehicles of years ago, we all know there is no such thing as a maintenance-free vehicle. Being in the automotive engineering, service and repair industry for 38 years (and counting), I’ve seen the benefits of technological advancements in what we drive today. If you are a certain age or older, you may recall when vehicles required an annual tune-up requiring spark plug and ignition components replacement, servicing carburetors, etc. This was performed every 12 months or 12,000 miles, required by most all vehicle manufacturers. A $69 tune up in the 1970’s would cost over $400 today, that is, IF the engines were the same. They are not.

While technology has eliminated some services that once were common years ago, it doesn’t imply your sophisticated vehicle is maintenance-free. Most current production engines feature incredible technology that improves miles per gallon, power-to-weight ratio, and near zero emissions. Old-fashioned tune-ups have been replaced with other new services that are recommended by vehicle manufactures.

As we approach the summer driving season, it’s time to perform factory recommended service and maintenance items to help avoid a summer trip spoiler. Keep your vehicle in peak condition by following your car’s maintenance schedule and AAA’s seasonal advice.

Air conditioning system: Your car’s A/C system has to function in a harsher environment than the system in your house. Have the system performance-tested to ensure optimal cabin cooling. Any slight variance of the refrigerant level, controls, or components can cause a less than comfortable temperature inside the car.

Engine cooling system: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for cooling system inspection and service to include coolant exchange, drive belts, cooling fans, water pump, and hose condition.

Engine performance: Any loss of power, lower fuel economy or starting problems are all symptoms of something not right with the engine, fuel, or ignition system. Don’t wait for the check engine light to come on.

Engine oil: Start the summer off with a fresh oil and filter change. With the vast number of new viscosity motor oils being introduced, be sure you are following your car manufacturer’s recommendation when selecting the proper oil for your car’s engine.

While performing regular maintenance is a great safeguard, sometimes parts simply fail or wear out. We are your trusted advisors for any diagnosis, service, or repair on any vehicle, performed by our experienced and talented ASE certified technicians. Christian Brothers Automotive Mooresville provides excellent and trustworthy service and repair on all makes, all models, and on all systems, with a great customer experience. We are a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility and provide a 3 year, 36,000 mile Nice Difference warranty that expires at whichever limit occurs last. We employ ASE Certified Professionals, and provide courtesy shuttle service. Plus, we’re now offering vehicle pick-up and drop-off to make your auto care experience even easier. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is our way of life. Drop by for a visit or call us today at 704.448.0770 and let us show you the experience you deserve.

Getting to know us – What to look for in your auto service facility

I’ve been blessed with countless opportunities throughout my 37+ year automotive career that led me to where I am today as the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive in Mooresville. My journey began as a co-op student in the General Motors apprentice program that evolved into becoming a certified automotive technician. I managed several service departments and automotive service facilities before becoming an automotive instructor, program director, and a published author of automotive textbooks. I led a nationwide automotive service and training organization with Snap-on Tools Diagnostics Division and with Delphi Automotive (former division of General Motors). After earning my MBA, I was an adjunct professor leading classes for the automotive sector as well as leadership, management, and operations. Just prior to becoming the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive, I was senior director of corporate learning and development for another Fortune 500 company. I took over as the new owner of Christian Brothers Automotive last September, fueled by the passion and excitement to make a difference in the automotive repair arena by providing our clients with a superior service experience with excellent and trustworthy car repair. I’ve been in hundreds of automotive shops across the country and have seen some of the best as well as some that have discredited our industry. I knew when the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to make a difference and raise the bar of how auto repair and the customer experience should be. Christian Brothers Automotive began when its CEO and founder, Mark Carr, and a fellow church member wanted to start a business. Being brothers in Christ, the name, Christian Brothers Automotive was born with the first Christian Brothers Automotive opening in 1982 in Houston, TX. Now in 2019, Christian Brothers Automotive will continue to grow to over 200 franchise locations throughout the country. Everything about their business practices and how they are a light in the community, aligned with my own personal beliefs and business values. We provide easy to understand information about the condition of your vehicle with full transparency, supported by digital images and videos if your vehicle’s various components. We simply advise you of what your vehicle needs in order of priority, then you decide what you want done. We are your trusted advisors for any diagnosis, service, or repair on any vehicle, performed by our experienced and talented ASE certified technicians. The service team here are true professionals in the automotive industry and collectively represent 115 years combined experience. Christian Brothers Automotive provides excellent and trustworthy service and repair on all makes, all models, and on all systems, with a great customer experience. We are a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility and provide a 2 year, 24,000 mile Nice Difference warranty (whichever benefits you best). We employ ASE Certified Professionals, and offer a courtesy shuttle service. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That’s our mission with every customer we serve. For uncompromising quality and ethical repairs, and an excellent client experience you deserve, drop by for a visit with your service team at Christian Brothers Automotive in Mooresville!

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