Are Performance-Grade Replacement Brake Pads Worth the Money?

Are Performance-Grade Replacement Brake Pads Worth the Money?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Your replacement brake pads may last up to 50,000 miles. They wear out because the friction lining, which can be made of metallic, organic or ceramic material, wears out every time you press the brakes. This brake pad squeezes against the rotor, causing friction and slowing, enough to stop the wheels.

After any brand new car has ground through its initial brake pads, it needs fresh ones. There’s also the matter of performance grade to consider. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about your brake pad replacement options so you can stop on a dime. Take into consideration wear, dust, noise, fade resistance and stopping power.

First, think about what it’s made of. You can choose semi-metallic pads for high-performance needs. They are good with heat, so make for excellent fade resistance. Look for a lot of noise and dustiness. At Christian Brothers of Mooresville, our skilled technicians don’t say these are best for most vehicles.

Next, think about organic replacement pads. The best for a quiet and clean ride, they’re at the bottom for stopping power.

The final top level category is ceramic pads. Asbestos pads are not made anymore. These replacement pads are good for heat tolerance and fade resistance. They keep going and last too. Furthermore, the dust they put off is not noticeable. They aren’t heat-resistant enough for top performance though.

Let’s get into how they’re built. The difference is in how the elements are made into one piece. For the first pads, the maker molds the ceramic, metallic or organic to the shim directly at intense pressure, making for more consistency.

Aftermarket ones adhere with glue. This could cause uneven wear, or even fissures in the pad.

We would like to explain the details. Come to the shop or set an appointment right away!

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