The Surprising Truth about Your Car’s Cooling System

The Surprising Truth about Your Car’s Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Despite these essential functions, many Alabama drivers are uninformed about cooling system maintenance. To bring some light to this complex component, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Montgomery will explain the most important parts of your cooling system.

What parts of the cooling system require extra attention?

The regularly overlooked parts of the cooling system include:

  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Fittings
  • Coolant

Accessory Belt

To reduce space and weight in the engine, your engine uses an accessory belt to drive the A/C compressor, Water Pump and Alternator. The cooling system’s water pump is the most important element, and it’s highly dependent on the condition of the belt and the condition of the accessories the belt drives. If the belt wears out, your engine’s cooling system may fail. Watching the accessories belt closely will help prevent indirect cooling failures.


The hoses are made of a firm but flexible rubber, which flows water through the cooling system components. These hoses are designed to flex and absorb the engine’s vibration. Eventually, the hoses’ inner walls harden, which affects their flexibility and ability to dampen the engine’s vibration. Other problems (like leaks, metal corrosion and stress cracks at the connection ports) usually lead to costly repairs. These problems are usually preventable with proper maintenance.


Cooling systems are built to work under pressure. Regular fluid level checks can quickly determine if there’s a leak. Always check with a professional before opening the cooling system. Your engine is designed to work with a specific fluid type and mixture to prevent corrosion and engine failure. The periodic inspection of the quality and level of your coolant will ensure your cooling system is operating at maximum efficiency.

The professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive Montgomery keep a cautious eye out for any hint of trouble during cooling system service. We educate our guests on preventive maintenance schedules and review potential concerns before we request permission for any service.

To schedule a cooling system check today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Montgomery, Alabama. Notice the nice difference!

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