5 Crucial Facts About Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

5 Crucial Facts About Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

This misinformation is dangerous because your cooling system has such a big role to play in your engine’s life. Every year hundreds of breakdowns across the state can be attributed to engine overheating.

To keep you in-the-know, the experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Meridian are here to help! Our ASE-certified technicians have put together a list of the most essential facts you need to know about your car’s cooling system.

1. The purpose of the cooling system is to remove heat

While running, the engine creates a huge amount of heat. The cooling system sends a special fluid (called coolant) through the engine to pick up the excess heat and redistribute it through the ventilation system or outside the car.

2. Coolant is an antifreeze and water mixture

Coolant is a combination of antifreeze, water and protective additives. As misleading as the name is, antifreeze can freeze in cold temperatures. By mixing the antifreeze with water and additives, you can prevent freezing.

3. Coolant leaks need immediate attention

Many drivers believe the fix for a coolant leak is to simply add more coolant. Actually, a leak is a serious problem requiring immediate attention. As coolant leaks from the vehicle, it can eat away the engine and cause environmental damage.

4. Coolant is the most important aspect of the cooling system

As we’ve mentioned, coolant takes heat away from the engine while protecting the engine against corrosion. Without coolant, the cooling system cannot operate.

5. The cooling system needs to be checked with every oil change

The cooling system generally needs full service every 30,000-60,000 miles. However, the fluids should be checked with every oil change. Our professionals will check the quality and levels of coolant and make sure everything is in working order.

Notice the Nice Difference in cooling system service

Our friendly staff treats your cooling system with the respect it deserves. Our knowledgeable technicians are observant to any trouble areas and use the best BG products during service.

If it’s time for cooling system service, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Meridian, Idaho today. See the nice difference!

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