Five Most Common Cooling System Issues

Five Most Common Cooling System Issues

There’s a lot of moving parts in your car’s cooling system, meaning there are a bunch of possibilities for problems. Today, the friendly auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive are helping you take the first step in identifying these common cooling system problems by explaining what could go wrong.

Failed Water Pump

The cooling system regulates the engine’s temperature by pumping water and coolant throughout the engine. This means a water pump failure prevents coolant and water from circulating properly and the engine overheating because of it.

Leaky Radiator Hose

It’s actually the radiator hoses, not the radiator itself that presents the most common source of a leakage within the cooling system. The hoses connect the radiator to the engine, facilitating the flow of coolant between the two. Radiator hoses are more likely to fail the older they get so remember to replace them periodically.

Air in the Cooling System

Air frequently gets trapped in the cooling system and restricts the flow of coolant and reduces its efficiency. This air can only be removed by bleeding your cooling system, something our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive can do easily.

Radiator Leaks

Radiator leaks are much more difficult to spot than radiator hose leaks, but the primary indicators are bubbles or steam coming from the site of the leak. It is possible to patch radiator leaks.

Failed Thermostat

Probably the most prevalent type of problem in cooling systems is thermostat failure. The thermostat is a type of valve that regulates how much coolant can flow into and out of the radiator. This is what keeps the engine at optimum operating temperature. When a thermostat fails, it’s not long before the engine overheats.

Your vehicle’s cooling system is very important to keeping your engine healthy. If you’re experiencing any of these common cooling system issues, get your cooling system inspected today by the auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive. Discover the nice difference!