The Catalytic Converter Keeps Your Air Clean

The Catalytic Converter Keeps Your Air Clean

CBAC Clean Air WPOne of the most crucial components of the exhaust system is the catalytic converter. Its job is converting the harmful exhaust emissions and reducing the vehicle’s impact on the environment. Essentially, the catalytic converter makes a vehicle as environmentally friendly as possible! Because the part is underneath the vehicle, it’s in danger of sustaining external damage due to rough road conditions.

Our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Independence in Blue Springs, MO are here to give you the knowledge you need to identify the common symptoms of a defective catalytic converter. That way you can make sure your whole exhaust system continues to work as smoothly as possible.

Common Symptoms: Catalytic Converter

Symptoms that your catalytic converter is failing commonly include:

  • Fuel efficiency rapidly dropping
  • Poor vehicle acceleration, despite stepping on gas
  • Engine misfire or a vehicle failing to start
  • The Check Engine light comes on

Catalytic Converter Problems and Maintenance

Usually, it’s older vehicles that suffer from catalytic converter problems. This is because, over time, it can become clogged. Years of driving may even leave it so clogged that no exhaust can escape. If this is the case, no new, fresh air can be brought in from outside either, meaning the engine is in danger of dying.

Gasket or cylinder damage could also cause problems. Catalytic converters are sensitive to change in temperature and contents of exhaust fumes. This could allow oil or coolant to burn with the fuel. Another source of problems may be that the ignition isn’t burning all the fuel, something that also wears on the converter.

All cars in the U.S. are now required by law to have an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system that tests the catalytic converter. It detects the amount of pollution escaping from the tailpipe. If there’s excess pollution getting out, the Check Engine light illuminates. At our local auto repair shop in Blue Springs, Missouri, we can help you run the diagnostics to find out exactly why the catalytic converter is acting up. Schedule your exhaust system maintenance today at Christian Brothers Automotive Independence and see the nice difference!