Oil & Filter Change Services in Lubbock, Texas

Oil & Filter Change Services in Lubbock, Texas

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

If your car is due for an oil change, arrange a consultation by calling us or stop by your neighborhood Christian Brothers Automotive near I-82 at:

6207 82nd St
Lubbock, TX 79424.

An oil change is not something that you want to postpone getting. Your automobile's engine requires fresh oil to run properly. Not changing the oil can damage your engine and cause thousands of dollars in engine replacement. Christian Brothers Automotive recommends that you change your car's oil and filters every 3,000 miles.

Christian Brothers Automotive utilizes only the best oil and oil filters. Additionally, we take care of oil that can't be reused in a way that does not damage the environment.

Christian Brothers Automotive offers consumers with Courtesy Inspections. Whether or not you're in our shop for an oil change, our technicians check your oil levels and the condition of your filters each time you bring your automobile in as part of our Courtesy Inspection.

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