Air Filtration Services in Lubbock, Texas

The Christian Brothers Automotive location in Lubbock can install quality air filters in your car. Idling in rush hour traffic isn't simply bad on your back, it's bad for the environment and your health. Automobiles expel hazardous gas and contaminants in to the air. You are surrounded by them whenever you are stuck in traffic. The most effective line of defense against these harmful gases is in your car's cabin filter. A bad cabin filter will allow dirty, toxified air to get in through the car's air filtration system.

Have you had your vehicle's air filters changed recently? Avoid breathing in hazardous gases from other automobiles on the road. Call our location in Lubbock near Regal Park to set up an air filtration appointment or come by your community Christian Brothers Automotive, located at:

6207 82nd St.
Lubbock, TX 79424.

Safeguard your family from breathing in these damaging toxins by having a Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified specialist check or fix your air filtering system. Whenever you deliver your auto in to your community Christian Brothers Automotive, one of our expert professionals will look at your air purification system as part of our Courtesy Inspection. If the technician notices an issue with your auto's air filtering system, they will certainly notify you and offer to fix the problem. We will never carry out a car repair or service without informing you first.