Questions About Winterizing Your Car in Lake Worth, TX

Questions About Winterizing Your Car in Lake Worth, TX

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Today, our experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Lake Worth are here to answer some of the biggest question we get about winterizing cars.

What does winterizing my car mean?

Winterizing your car is very similar to winterizing your house. It’s about taking the necessary steps so your car can handle any possible snowy or icy conditions. You want to be certain everything is ready for when the temperatures sinks for whatever hazardous road conditions arise.  Not getting your car winterized could lead to many problems during the winter’s colder months.

Why do I need to winterize my car?

If your car isn’t safe for winter, there are a number of issues you might run into. As an example, low air tire pressure could lead to flat tires. You may also get a crack or chip in your windshield from water freezing inside the glass and expanding.

How do I winterize my car?

Helping you car survive winter can be easily done by taking a few precautionary steps. One way of protecting your windshield from getting that frustrating thin layer of ice in the morning is by buying washer fluid with antifreeze. To assist with frozen car locks and handles, some  glycerin, easily purchased at almost any auto and hardware stores, can do the trick. Leave a tube in a few different locations (such as in your garage at home or  your desk at work). After all, it’s no good if it’s in the glove box of your frozen car!

Where can I get my car winterized?

You can come to Christian Brothers Automotive in Lake Worth and we’ll get your car in shape. We’ll check the tires’ treads, the battery, the engine coolant, and your oil.  Some of these items may be completely okay for driving in regular temperatures, but during winter they could be in need of a special blend.

At our auto service center in Lake Worth, we understand Texans aren’t too worried about winter conditions. That being said, those who don’t prepare for anything usually end up being the ones who end up calling roadside assistance. Don’t be left calling for help. Instead call us for preparation. The ASE-certified technicians at our Lake Worth auto repair center can help you out! Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Lake Worth, Texas today and feel the amazing difference.

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