5 Cooling System Mistakes Lake Worth Drivers Don’t Realize They’re Making

5 Cooling System Mistakes Lake Worth Drivers Don’t Realize They’re Making

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

That’s why the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Lake Worth have put together a list of potential problems you may not fully understand. We want our drivers educated and in control, no matter which Lake Worth auto repair shop services your vehicle!

1. The cooling system is not the A/C system.

Too many drivers are under the impression their cooling system is really the air conditioning system. They are not the same thing. The cooling system is responsible for maintaining the engine’s temperature. Your AC keeps the passenger cab at the right temperature, but the cooling system ensures the engine is never running too hot or too cold.

2. Coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water.

Coolant is a mixture of water, antifreeze and protective additives. This fluid runs through your vehicle, picking up excess heat from the engine and redistributing it throughout the heating system or into the outside air through the radiator. Coolant ensures the vehicle’s water pump is well lubricated so it doesn’t overheat, and also keeps the cooling system from freezing in the winter.

3. The cooling system also heats the engine.

Your engine must maintain the precise operating temperature in order to run efficiently. While the engine typically needs to be cooled down, in freezing weather, it demands heat. The fluids in your cooling system act as insulation, holding heat around the engine so the vital components stay warm in the winter.

4. Your cooling system does require maintenance.

When it comes to your cooling system, many drivers either believe this is a maintenance-free system or are under the impression full service is needed with every oil change. Neither is the case. Your vehicle does need a fluid check with every oil change, but only to make sure the coolant is at the right level and is still of high quality. Full system service, such as an engine coolant flush, is only necessary every 30,000-60,000 miles.

5. Leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible.

When you notice the coolant levels are low, don’t simply refill the fluid and call it a day. Leaks can be incredibly dangerous to your vehicle. Besides contaminating the environment, leaking antifreeze can corrode the engine and lead to overheating, which can cause severe engine damage. If you recognize a leak, schedule a repair immediately.

Our experienced technicians know proper cooling system maintenance is the key to your car’s health. If it’s time for cooling system maintenance, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Lake Worth, Texas today. See the nice difference!

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