3 Signs Your Power Steering Needs Service

3 Signs Your Power Steering Needs Service

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

It becomes much more difficult to turn the wheels when the power steering system fails. It is possible to turn them, but many people don’t anticipate the amount of force it requires which can lead to problems on the road, especially if the system gives out during your commute. To help you catch power steering problems before it causes you to get into an accident, our helpful technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive, CBA Lake Worth, are going to go over the top 3 signs of power steering failure.

Wheels require more force to turn

One of the most common indicators of power steering problems is when the steering wheel starts getting harder to turn. Usually, low power steering fluid levels cause this. However, damage to the power steering belt can also inhibit the wheel. The quicker you catch a seemingly unresponsive steering wheel, the better.

Whining noise when turning

A whining or squealing noise when you turn the wheels can mean that the power steering fluid is low. The fluid can be easily replaced, but a low fluid level usually means there’s a leak somewhere in the power steering system. Replacing the fluid won’t solve the problem unless the leak is repaired.

It’s always important to let your CBA mechanic diagnose leaks when they arise. While you might think the power steering fluid is leaking, it may in fact be another type of fluid. Also, there might be more than one source leaking.

Steering wheel shakes when idling

When the steering wheel is shaking violently when you’re idling, it’s a sure sign that power steering belt is damaged, loose or needs to be replaced. Most people don’t realize this symptom is a power steering issue because the system is not in use.

Unwarranted vehicle vibrations can be the result of any number of issues including engine mounts or warped rotors. To make sure your steering wheel is shaking due to the power steering belt, take your car to your local North Richland Hills auto repair center.

Power steering repair services in North Richland Hills

Power steering issues are never fun to deal with on the road and can be extremely dangerous. At Christian Brothers Automotive Lake Worth, we thoroughly inspect the power steering system before making our diagnosis. We’ll always clearly explain what’s wrong with your vehicle and your repair options before letting you make the final decision.

For your benefit, the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty guarantees most of our services. If you’re experience trouble with your steering wheel, give Christian Brothers Automotive Lake Worth a call today!

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