3 Common Signs Your Transmission Needs Maintenance in Colorado

3 Common Signs Your Transmission Needs Maintenance in Colorado

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Our transmission experts have a list of 3 warning signs you should pay attention to when it comes to the transmission. Noticing these small issues and repairing them quickly will save your transmission from extensive damage.

  1. Shifting response is delayed

If it ever seems like your car has a delayed response when shifting, there’s a high probability it’s a transmission problem. Drivers will commonly experience an unexpected increase in RPM’s when they press down on the gas pedal, but the engine doesn’t exert enough power.

  1. Low fluid levels due to leaks

Leaking fluid is an easy automobile problem to spot and the most common cause of transmission damage. Automatic Transmission fluid (ATF) lubricates and cools the transmission and even acts as a hydraulic fluid. Without it, the mechanical parts wouldn’t move correctly. The fluid is normally bright red in color, so you can spot it easily. Please get the leak fixed, while it’s still just a leak.

  1. Burning smell

It’s never good when you smell something burning while you’re driving. While burning transmission fluid could be causing the burning smell, there are a number of issues that could also be the culprit.

Remember, the fluid helps cool the transmission. If the fluid starts to degrade or runs too hot, it can damage the transmission. Low fluid levels or using the wrong one for your car can also cause the fluid to burn.

Transmission Service and Repair in Lafayette, CO

A bad transmission will affect the driving dynamics of your car or truck. If you suspect transmission issues, stop by Christian Brothers Automotive in Lafayette for a transmission inspection by a local expert! We offer the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty on most of the services we perform. Your vehicle is always in expert care at our Lafayette auto repair center. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Lafayette, Colorado to schedule your transmission service today!

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