Use 5 Car Terms To Keep Up With The Conversation At Your Lafayette Auto Repair Show

Unfortunately, this could lead to you paying for an unnecessary service. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Lafayette, Colorado, we want to cut out the uncertainty.

That’s why our experienced, ASE-certified technicians put together a list of the 5 automotive terms you need to know before your next car service.

1. Dipstick

The dipstick is a measurement device that looks like a slim, metal stick. Technicians insert it directly into the oil pan. After they remove it, they can see how much oil you have left and inspect its condition.

2. Spark Plug

You wouldn’t be able to start your car without the spark plugs. When you turn the key, it sends a small electrical charge to start the engine.

3. [Battery] Corrosion

Your battery is filled with sulfuric acid. Because of the chemical reactions that take place during its use, corrosion builds up on the positive and negative battery posts (where you put the clamps when you jump-start your car).

4. Brake Pad

Brakes use friction to stop the car. This friction is created by the brake pads. Once the pads wear too thin, they need to be replaced. Our ASE-certified technicians will let you know when it’s time.

5. Timing Belt

Timing is everything, and things can get pretty hectic under the hood. The timing belt makes sure that the camshaft and crankshaft work together to create the rotation force necessary to spin the wheels and keep the engine valves opening and closing as they should.