Why Is My Exhaust System Making That Sound?

Why Is My Exhaust System Making That Sound?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Today, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Lafayette explain that strange noise coming from the exhaust. Before we explain an exhaust leak, let’s first review the exhaust system itself.

How the exhaust system works:

Your exhaust system is made up of several components, connected throughout your vehicle starting under the hood and exiting out the back. Exhaust is the result of fuel burning inside your engine’s combustion chamber and it exits through a series of pipes into and out of the tailpipe.

As exhaust fumes leave the engine, they go through the exhaust manifold, then through one or more catalytic converters. The catalytic convertor (or ‘cat’) is designed to burn off many of the toxins and other pollutants making the fumes less harmful when they leave the car and enter the atmosphere.

Once the exhaust fumes leave the catalytic converter, they pass through the muffler where they go through a series of baffles designed to tune and dampen the noise your engine makes, allowing for a quieter and more peaceful drive.

Why your exhaust system wears out over time

Your engine creates and releases a large amount of gasses under high pressure, and it’s largely on the exhaust system to break down and contain these toxins. A well-maintained exhaust system should last the life of your vehicle, but the exhaust pipes can sustain damage or excessive wear over time.

Outside the car, your exhaust pipes may take hits from the road, road debris, road salt and intense weather conditions. Inside the system, the byproducts of the engine’s combustion process can eat away at the system designed to contain them. These byproducts are more destructive to exhaust system components if your engine is not properly maintained and kept in good running order. The pipes themselves may begin to wear down and can corrode slowly over time.

How to recognize a leak in the exhaust system

Connections between the pipes can become loose, damage may occur, and some systems can simply corrode and rust through over time.

When this happens, an exhaust leak occurs. A leak is almost always apparent with a loud, obnoxious sound. There could possibly be drivability issues as well, such as an intermittent fluctuation in power, and your check engine light may illuminate. Finally, exhaust leaks can allow foul smelling and harmful fumes to enter the cabin of the vehicle.

If you suspect an exhaust leak, call for an appointment immediately.

The nice difference in Lafayette exhaust service

Don’t take a chance with your car’s operation or your family’s health. As soon as you hear your exhaust system begin to rattle or rumble, or if you simply want peace of mind, call our auto repair shop in Lafayette for an exhaust system inspection.

Our professional technicians will determine if you have a leak, the source of your leak, and ensure your car is safe to drive. To schedule an exhaust check today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Lafayette, Colorado.

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