How Well Does Your Car Handle Cold Weather?

How Well Does Your Car Handle Cold Weather?

Fortunately, the team of ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Independence is here to help. Today, our experienced professionals are sharing some winter maintenance tips to help you plan ahead.

Car Battery and Charging System

Lower temperatures leave your car battery with less capacity to hold a charge. To make sure you’re not left stranded, have your local auto repair shop near Blue Springs check:
• The battery can still hold a charge
• The battery is free of corrosion
• The alternator is generating enough power

Keep the Windshield Clear

Visibility is incredibly important when driving in inclement weather. To make sure your windshield stays clear of rain, sleet and snow, check:
• Whether your wiper blades were warped in the summer heat
• The wiper fluid levels are correct
• The defroster is able to clear the windshield completely

Flush and Refill Your Coolant

Coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze, which keeps components in your car from freezing while preventing rust. To make sure your cooling system is up to the task, check:
• The coolant mix ratio is correct
• The coolant levels are high enough
• Whether you’re due for a coolant flush

At Christian Brothers Automotive Independence, our auto repair experts near Blue Springs will prepare your vehicle for winter and make sure it’s up to the challenge. Call our automotive service center for an appointment, and we’ll inspect your car for any warning signs of trouble. Stop by our Independence auto shop, and discover the nice difference!