The Best Advice for Summer Car Care

The Best Advice for Summer Car Care

Keep Your Cool

Air conditioning is essential to a comfortable summer driving experience; we all know how horrible a hot car can be. Your A/C system may simply need a recharge, which is achieved by adding refrigerant. For the more complex A/C problems, it’s best to stop by our local Blue Springs, MO auto repair shop and have our technicians fix your A/C so it keeps you cool all summer long.

Maintain Your Tires

Good tire condition is always crucial to a smooth driving experience. For the summer, you should ensure you have adequate tire tread and air pressure. Temperature changes cause air in the tires to expand and contract, leaving tires with improper pressure levels. To combat uneven tire tread, many drivers opt for a tire rotation whenever they have the oil changed depending on how often you change it.

Test Your Car Battery

Winter weather causes rough starts for the battery and summer temperatures cause the evaporation of battery fluid. The internal structure of the battery can be damaged if fluid evaporates. You should test your battery now so there are no problems down the road!

At Christian Brothers Automotive Independence, our courteous staff knows much of your summer fun hinges on having a dependable car. The first step is making sure your vehicle doesn’t quit on you just as the fun is about to start. Heat and humidity can cause a variety of automotive issues and our technicians are here to keep your car or truck protected. Call our Blue Springs, Missouri auto repair center today to schedule an appointment and see the nice difference!