Independence Auto Experts Explain Your Car’s Traction Control System

Independence Auto Experts Explain Your Car’s Traction Control System

How Traction Control Works

Modern vehicles have electronic traction control which uses sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel and determine if one or more have lost traction. If the sensor recognizes that one wheel is spinning faster than the others, it will use the brake connected to it to slow it down. Once it has slowed it down, the driver can regain control of their vehicle and continue to drive at a safe speed.

Traction Control as Part of the ABS

Traction control works with the ABS, but in a different way. While the ABS is used when you’re trying to come to a stop, traction control is used when you’re trying to accelerate. An example of this would be when you stop at a stop sign and the road is wet from rain. You may not have proper traction on the road, therefore your tires will begin to spin but you may not move very much. That’s when the traction control kicks in and causes your tires to slow down so that you can get enough grip on the road to propel forward.

When the Traction Control Light Comes On

There are a couple of reasons as to why your vehicle’s traction control light may come on. It can be either an ABS malfunction, a broken wheel speed sensor, or a faulty traction control module. Regardless of why it comes on, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Independence can figure it out!

If you’re experiencing issues with your traction control or other parts of your braking system, contact Christian Brothers Automotive Independence near Blue Springs, MO today! We’ll show you the nice difference.