Frequently Neglected Vehicle Services

Frequently Neglected Vehicle Services

| By: James Guzman - Christian Brothers Automotive Hutto

Spring is coming, so it is time to dust off your owner’s manual! Did you know that you owners manual actually recommends maintenance at certain mileage intervals? And did you know that poor gas mileage and major system or engine failures are the result of poor preventative maintenance? By keeping up with the important, yet commonly overlooked, vehicle services below, you can avoid the risk of costly vehicle repairs. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Hutto we make it a point to cover these items with you by performing a free no cost Courtesy Inspection.

1. Topping off your fluids isn’t enough!


Coolant, or antifreeze, is stored in the radiator and regulates the engine’s temperature. The reason it is important to flush your entire cooling system, and not just top your coolant off, is because anti-freeze can become corrosive over time. Fresh coolant prevents the coolant from corroding the metal in your radiator and hoses.

Brake Fluid

Over time your brake fluid will fill up with water from condensation, compromising the quality of your power brake system. You should change your brake fluid every time you get your brakes serviced.

Fuel System

Cleaning your fuel system and your fuel injectors removes any residue and buildup that accumulates over time. This is important because a clean fuel system allows your vehicle to keep gas flowing to your engine and it increases fuel efficiency.

Transmission Fluid

While transmission fluid is responsible for keeping the gears in your transmission lubricated and rolling smoothly, over time, gunk and dirt can get into your transmission fluid, causing extra friction and wearing out transmission parts. A full transmission fluid flush can prevent very costly repairs!

Power Steering

You never want to get into a situation where you power steering is not working properly. It is tiring, difficult and dangerous. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to move your steering wheel when your car is off? Your power steering pump pushes fluid to the steering gear, to give you smooth and responsive control while you drive. Just like all the other fluids in your vehicle’s system, it can fill with gunk and dirt, causing problems with your steering pump.

2. Go beyond an oil change!

While oil changes are extremely important, we cannot neglect other components of our vehicles that our daily drive and use of our vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

You may have experienced alignment problems that cause their vehicle to pull to the right or the left. Not only can this cause uneven wear on your tires, but ultimately it shortens your tires’ lifespan and can cause a dangerous blowout. If you’ve experienced your vehicle pulling to one side while driving, vibrations at highway speeds, or your steering wheel is off-center while driving, you should get an alignment check immediately.

Cabin Filter

Your cabin air filter is responsible for filtering out dust and pollen from your ventilation system and must be replaced regularly like any other air filter. If you or someone in your family struggles with allergies, replacing your cabin air filter is important.

The last thing we want you concerned about is if your vehicle is going to function properly on a busy morning or on your spring break road trip. Let that be our job at Christian Brothers Automotive! As our technicians perform the free courtesy inspection on your vehicle, we will inform you of any important preventative maintenance that your vehicle may need. Remember our ASE-certified technicians and friendly staff will never recommend unnecessary work to our guests. Before you hit the road this spring, we invite you to stop by our full-service auto repair shop on Highway 79 in Hutto. Just look for the big orange hippo!

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