Benefits of Oil Changes & Scheduled Maintenance

Benefits of Oil Changes & Scheduled Maintenance

| By: James Guzman, CBA Hutto Owner
  1. Increase Fuel Economy.
    Did you know that performing oil changes regularly can increase your fuel economy by 4%? On-time oil changes and clean air filters improves your gas mileage by reducing your car’s effort to run.
  2. Avoid Frequent Purchases.
    Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money unnecessarily! Rotating your tires and maintaining proper alignment can cut down on uneven tread wear, which will help your tires last longer.
  3. Extend the Life of Your Car.
    Studies show performing scheduled maintenance on your vehicle can extend the life of your car by 50%! The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence suggests that regular service and maintenance is essential for protecting your auto investment, maximizing the reliability and extending the life of your car.
  4. Reduces Emissions
    Although all gas-powered automobiles produce pollution, clean oil doesn’t burn. You can reduce the harm you do to the environment by getting your oil changed regularly.
  5. Prevents Buildup
    As oil runs through your engine, it accumulates debris and dirt particles. Over time, oil also breaks down and becomes gummy or watery, and doesn’t work as well. If left unchanged, old oil can cause expensive and inconvenient engine problems.
  6. Prolongs Engine Life
    You can add years to your vehicle’s life with regular old and filter changes. The longevity of your vehicle’s life is highly dependent on maintaining a well-lubricated and clean filtered engine.
  7. Improves Performance
    A well-lubricated engine allows you to experience a smooth ride while driving. Oil changes reduce friction in your engine, so clean oil provides the smoothest ride possible for you and your passengers.

Let’s Partner Together

Your vehicle is one of the biggest and most important investments that you make, so it’s important to keep up with your oil changes as clean oil is essential in maintaining a healthy engine. Let’s partner together in adding years to the life of your vehicle. Whether you are due for an oil change or you can’t remember the last time your vehicle received any scheduled maintenance, we invite you to stop by our full-service auto repair shop on Highway 79 in Hutto. Just look for the big orange hippo!

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