Keep Your Car From Overheating In The Summer!

Keep Your Car From Overheating In The Summer!

| By: James Guzman

When it comes to the inner workings of your vehicle, things can get complicated quickly. However, there are a few key systems that it is important to learn about, one of them being your cooling system. Here at Christian Brothers Automotive in Hutto we aim to keep our customers informed.

Cooling System Versus A/C System

Your cooling system is not the same as your A/C system. While the A/C system is considered a luxury, at least in other places outside of central Texas, your cooling system is vital as it keeps your vehicle from overheating. The components of your cooling system are filled with a chemical called coolant (or antifreeze) that has a lower freeze point, and a higher boiling point, when compared to water.

What Does It Do?

The primary job of your cooling system is to keep your engine at a safe operating temperature. When fuel is burned inside an engine, a HUGE amount of heat is generated. This is where your cooling system comes in to manage that heat. The cooling system also provides heat in the winter.

Components Of The Cooling System:

  • Water Pump
  • Upper Radiator Hose
  • Lower Radiator Hose
  • Radiator
  • Coolant
  • Several Pipes and Fans
  • Heater Core

The engine is the heartbeat of your vehicle, but the health of all the components of your cooling system directly affect how well your engine runs and whether or not it overheats.

How To Monitor My Coolant

  1. Your coolant does not last the entire lifetime on your vehicle. It must be monitored. While your entire cooling system will not need repair upon every oil change, your coolant will need to be checked. One of our ASE Certified technicians will be glad to check the level, color and quality of your coolant.
  2. If you notice a coolant leak, stop by our shop in Hutto so we can determine what part of your cooling system has been compromised. It is important for even small leaks to be monitored and repaired so they do not affect the efficiency of the cooling system or even worse, affect your engine.
  3. We recommend periodic coolant flushes. This process includes completely clearing out all the old antifreeze and build up out of the system, and then putting in the new coolant so they are not mixed. We also like to add conditioners to prevent rust from developing.

Summer Heat Coupon

Whether you notice any issues or not, stop by and let one of our ASE Certified Technicians check your coolant levels and the quality of your coolant. This type of preventative maintenance will keep you, your family, and your engine from a bad situation. We invite you to stop by our full-service auto repair shop on Highway 79 in Hutto for an honest and comfortable auto repair experience. Just look for the big orange hippo!

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