It’s (relatively) Cold Outside! Steps to Winterize Your Vehicle

It’s (relatively) Cold Outside! Steps to Winterize Your Vehicle

We all know that central Texas weather can be extremely unpredictable. We’ve thrown the football on Thanksgiving Day in 85 degree heat, and we’ve bundled up around the campfire when we were unprepared for temperatures to drop below freezing. Because we can never be sure what to expect for the holidays in Hutto, and because we’ve already experienced some very cold temperatures, it’s important to prepare our vehicles for the winter.

Here at Christian Brothers Automotive, our ASE certified technicians and service staff want to be sure that all components of your vehicle are ready for fluctuating and icy temperatures. We want to do all we can to keep you and your family from bad situations on the road this holiday season. Our courtesy inspection is free of charge and it is designed to assess each of your vehicle’s major systems. Here are some steps you need to take to winterize your vehicle.

1. Prepare your cooling system.

The cooling system, often confused with the luxury of an A/C system, must be in top shape, especially in the cold! The engine cooling system consists of many parts, including the water pump, the radiator, coolant, radiator hoses, heater hoses, the heater core and the thermostat.


Coolant, or anti-freeze, is stored in the radiator and regulates the engine’s temperature. The proper mixture of coolant and water in the radiator prevents your engine from freezing during the winter. When the mixture isn’t correct, your engine may actually freeze over from the cold.

Radiator and Heater Hoses

Cold weather is often responsible for weakening the integrity of hoses, leading to snaps and breakage. This would be very dangerous if this happened on the road! It’s important to take the extra precaution before the temperatures drop too low.

2. Check your battery.

Your vehicle’s engine will be working harder in cooler weather. This puts extra pressure on the battery, making it more likely for it to die prematurely. To prevent this, our technicians can make sure your battery can still hold its charge before your family gets on the road this winter.

3. Check your tire pressure.

As the temperature starts to drop, the air pressure in your tires drops as well. Remember, air compresses in cold climates so you must put more air in your tires for them to stay properly inflated in colder months. When you don’t take care of your tires, the vehicle won’t have the proper traction for traveling over wet, snowy, or icy road conditions. (We can dream of a white Christmas, can’t we?)

Winterize your vehicle at Christian Brothers Automotive in Hutto

As our technicians perform the free courtesy inspection on your vehicle, they will never recommend work that is unnecessary. We are committed to keeping you, your family and your vehicle safe. So whether you feel your vehicle is ready for the cold or you’re a little apprehensive about the chilling temperatures, we invite you to stop by our full-service auto repair shop on Highway 79 in Hutto. Just look for the big orange hippo!