Replacement Brakes for the Average Car

Replacement Brakes for the Average Car

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Usually, a set of pads in a regular car will be sufficient for between 25,000 & 50,000 miles. The biggest pad manufacturers use ceramic, metallic or organic material to create the replacement pads. Pads press on rotors, which halt the wheels from spinning.

After your new vehicle has gone through its initial brake pads, it needs fresh ones. There’s also the matter of performance capacity to think about. Get more information about your brake pad repair below. Take into consideration wear, dust, noise, fade resistance and stopping power.

First, consider what it’s made of. If you’re a fast driver or brake slammer, these semi-metallic pads might be the way to go. They resist heat very well, so provide top notch fade resistance. You will notice a lot of noise and dust. At Christian Brothers of Huntersville, our skilled technicians don’t prefer these for most vehicles.

Now for organics. Ideal for a quiet and clean ride, they’re at the bottom for stopping power.

Replacement ceramic pads are next up. They are used instead of asbestos. They are excellent at coping with a range of temperatures, so are as good after a long braking session as when you start with them. They provide stopping friction a long time too. Furthermore, they aren’t dusty. They are not made for top performance though.

Now that you have an understanding of the materials that make up brake pads, we can go over their fabrication. The idea is in how the pieces fit into one piece. For the first pads, the car factory molds the ceramic, metallic or organic to the shim directly with intense pressure, lending more consistency.

For most competing varieties, glue is used instead. You can get breaks, cracking, and uneven wear.

The friendly mechanics at Christian Brothers can tell you more. We encourage you to schedule a visit.

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