See How Easily One Trip To Christian Brothers Automotive Helotes Can Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

See How Easily One Trip To Christian Brothers Automotive Helotes Can Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

As the car drives, it’s taking in oxygen to help the car run. The only element standing between your engine and these environmental pollutants are the cabin filter and the engine air intake filter.

Together, these two filters provide a safe, comfortable drive. Over time, however, these filters fill with waste harmful to your engine’s health. To keep your engine operating effectively, we’ve found two basic reasons your air filters need regular replacement.

1. Debris will corrode your engine

When your filter becomes congested with pollutants, debris can get into the engine. Abrasive pieces of dirt and bugs quickly tear away the engine, generating more contaminants at the same time. As this happens, the engine is gradually destroyed.

First, you’ll see is a drop in oil pressure and excessive engine corrosion. If this continues unchecked, you’ll eventually face complete engine failure.

2. Contaminants affect the fuel-air mix

To operate, your car depends on a specific mix of air and gas. Unfortunately, hazardous materials in the engine affect this mixture. When the filter clogs, airflow is reduced. This both contaminates the fuel with pollutants and deprives the mixture of clean oxygen.

The fuel becomes too rich and cannot ignite. The negative effect is a loss in acceleration power. The engine must work harder to do its job, which lowers fuel economy and gas mileage. Over time, the air filter could become so blocked, the engine will totally stop working.

Keeping your air filters clean and healthy is simple!

A quick trip to the auto repair shop can keep your car driving clean and strong for years. Our ASE-certified technicians suggest an air filter replacement every 10,000-30,000 miles, so ask for a filter inspection with your next oil change! The air filter replacement process is easy and affordable.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Helotes, Texas to schedule an air filtration system check today. Experience the nice difference!

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