Questions About Winterizing Your Car in Helotes, TX

What does winterizing my car mean?

Winterizing your car is as crucial as winterizing your home. It’s a necessary step to make sure the car can handle the temperature drop and ready to face the chance of snow and ice.  If a car is properly winterized, then you shouldn’t have any issues with it during frigid weather.

Why do I need to winterize my car?

Winterizing is important for preventing a number of problems. For example, you may get a flat tire by not having the right amount of air. You may also run into a small crack or chip in your windshield when freezing water gets inside the windshield.

How do I winterize my car?

With just a few simple steps you can help your car survive the oncoming winter. Protect your windshield from getting that annoying thin layer of ice in the morning by buying washer fluid with antifreeze. To deal with frozen car locks and handles, you can pick up glycerin at most auto and hardware stores. Keep a tube in multiple locations (such as in your garage, at home and in your desk at work). Just don’t put it in the glove box; it won’t do you any good in the frozen car.

Where can I get my car winterized?

You can visit Christian Brothers Automotive in Helotes and we’ll get your car set. Our services make sure the tread on your tires; your battery, your engine coolant, and your oil are in good shape. While several of these items may be totally fine for regular weather, you may need special blends for the winter.

At our auto service center in Helotes, we understand Texans aren’t ever expecting too much from winter. However, we also know those who don’t get ready for the worst, are always the ones who end up calling roadside assistance. Don’t be left calling for help, prepare your vehicle. The ASE-certified technicians at our Helotes auto repair center can help you out! Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Helotes, Texas today and see the nice difference.