Exhaust System Repair in Helotes, Texas

Staying away from an exhaust system issue is simple if you properly take care of the other parts of your vehicle. If you think you might need exhaust system service or repair work, call and schedule a session, or come by your Helotes Christian Brothers Automotive, located at:

12544 E. Bandera Road
Helotes, TX. 78023


Christian Brothers Automotive does all exhaust system repair work, however the problem our customers bring us the most deals with the automobile’s muffler and catalytic converter. These two components reduce the noise originating from your vehicle and lower the quantity of toxins released into the air. A vehicle’s muffler and catalytic converter are constructed to absorb shock from the road. Usually, if the muffler or catalytic converter isn’t operating up-to-speed there is an issue with another automobile component.

Gas system or other engine problems can bring about unburned fuel reaching the catalytic converter. If this occurs, the catalytic converter will overheat and at some point corrupt the metal layer inside. The system will collapse, leaving you with a huge vehicle repair bill. This type of problem is very pricey, but it can be avoided.