7 Signs And Symptoms Of Drivetrain Trouble Every Helotes Driver Should Know

Know the symptoms of a compromised drivetrain system

The truth is, your drivetrain needs regular service – just like any other part of the car. You’ll keep your system in great condition by scheduling regular service checks. Take proper care of your drivetrain and you’ll have a reliable vehicle for years to come.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Helotes, we want to set the record straight on drivetrain service. Our ASE-certified technicians have put together the top seven signs and symptoms of drivetrain trouble. Call our Helotes car repair shop for a drivetrain inspection if you ever notice one of the following signs.

1. Strange noises

Any odd sounds, especially a “clunking” or banging noise, should be dealt with immediately.

2. Shudders/vibrations

If your vehicle is shaking, shuddering or otherwise moving in an unfamiliar way, your drivetrain could be damaged.

3. Slipping transmission

Many Helotes drivers are unaware their transmission has anything to do with the drivetrain.

4. Fluid leaks

Any fluid leak is a bad sign, but red fluid leaking could be an indication of a drivetrain or transmission problem.

5. Strange smells

If you’ve noticed an odd smell while your car runs, there could be a hidden fluid leak.

6. Shifting problems

Your drivetrain is connected to the gearshift. Call to schedule a drivetrain inspection if you notice any shifting problems.

7. Malfunction indicator lights

Call our Helotes auto shop any time the “check engine” light, or any malfunction indicator light, is on.

The Nice Difference in drivetrain service at our Helotes auto repair shop

There are many signs of a broken drivetrain system. Never ignore a sign or symptom, hoping the problem will resolve itself. Call our Helotes auto technicians for drivetrain service at the first hint of trouble.

Regular drivetrain and suspension maintenance can save you time, save you money and extend the life of your vehicle. To schedule drivetrain and suspension service today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Helotes, Texas.