Help Your Car Run Stronger With One Simple Replacement

Help Your Car Run Stronger With One Simple Replacement

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The air filtration system’s job is to keep dangerous elements from entering your car and, as a result, your lungs. The cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter work to help you and your engine breathe easy.

The Cabin Filter

During cold and flu season, it’s normal to see people wearing medical masks to prevent infection. These masks filter the air of bacteria and viruses before they can infect. Likewise, your cabin air filter removes pollen, mold spores and allergens before they enter your AC system.

Generally made of pleated paper, your cabin air filter is meant to sift through the air flowing into the car so only clean air enters. However, a dirty air filter will hurt the air conditioner and heater’s performance. When airflow is reduced, allergens and particulates slip into the air supply.

Engine Air Intake Filter

Similar to the cabin air filter is the engine air intake filter. While the cabin filter cleans the passenger cab’s air, the intake filter removes dirt and debris from the air entering the engine. This filter defends the engine against dust, grime, dirt, bugs and other pieces of waste that could wear on the car’s metal components.

While fuel-injected filters usually house a pleated paper filter, older cars typically use a cylindrical air filter. Whatever the kind of filter, these components are essential to keeping dangerous substances out of the engine. Without the intake filter, deposits would stick to the engine, the intake valves would clog and the car’s gas mileage would decrease.

Don’t sacrifice your engine’s performance. With frequent air filter replacements, your car can run as efficiently as possible. Our ASE-certified technicians agree with most manufacturers, who recommend a filter replacement every 6,000 miles. Simply ask for a filter check with every other oil change!

If it’s time for a filter replacement or an air filtration system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive Green Oaks in Grand Prairie, Texas. Discover the nice difference!

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