Electrical System in Green Oaks

Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Prairie can fix your electrical system. A vehicle requires an electrical system to run. If one element of the electrical system fails, it can trigger a chain response throughout the whole system resulting in an extreme problem.

Crucial Electric System Elements
The battery supplies the electric power to every major electric element in your vehicle.
The alternator charges the vehicle’s battery when the engine is operating and it powers the electrical system.

Automotive Elements That Use Electronic Control Units
-Door locks, lights and electric windows

A Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technician is a specialist in your vehicle’s electrical system. Our technicians resemble IT specialists for vehicles.

If one or several vehicle components aren’t working due to an electrical system issue, give Christian Brothers Automotive a phone call at (817) 803-5745 or stop by our place in Grand Prairie and have an ASE-certified professional check out your vehicle’s electrical system today.