Our Automobile Repair Warranty for Germantown

What Makes Our Automobile Repair Warranty Special

At Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown, we strive to deliver the best automobile repair services we have to offer. We also strive to match those services with the top service warranty possible. To do this, we’ve taken the standard one-year warranty and doubled it, covering our customers with a 24-month/24,000-mile policy on all major auto repairs.

Unlike other automobile repair warranties, the policy offered at Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown does not expire after one of these milestones is passed. While other warranties operate on a “whichever-comes-first” policy, we honor our warranty up until the point where both conditions are met. That means that if your warranty is still active after 24 months if you have not driven 24,000 miles, and vice versa.

Germantown’s Trusted Source for Automobile Repairs

What makes it possible for Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown to offer this automobile repair warranty? Simply put, we’ve built our automobile repair services to deliver on quality every step of the way, giving our customers true peace of mind.
Some of the key advantages to automobile repairs at Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown that make this warranty possible include:

  • Our expert technicians, who have the experience to service any make or model of vehicle and who have been certified under the Automotive Service Excellence program.
  • Our full-vehicle diagnostic inspections, which we provide free of charge and allow us to pinpoint any worn, damaged, or broken parts within your vehicle.
  • Our diagnostic equipment, which is the same kind of equipment used by vehicle manufacturers for parts and performance testing.
  • Our high-quality replacement parts, all of which meet or exceed manufacturer standards, giving you confidence when you bring your vehicle to Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown for an automobile repair.

To book an automobile repair or inspection with Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown, simply give us a call at (901) 881-9245.