3 Signs You Need Brake Service From Our Germantown Auto Shop

3 Signs You Need Brake Service From Our Germantown Auto Shop

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The dashboard brake light blinks to life or your car grinds and squeals while braking.

It’s important to remember there are more subtle signs your brake system is in trouble.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown, safety is our top priority. You deserve confidence in your car’s reliability. To help our customers better understand their brakes, here are 3 ways to know your vehicle is ready for brake system service.

1. Your car seems to have a mind of its own

Is your car pulling to one side while braking? It could be a stuck caliper or collapsed brake hose. When the calipers malfunction, excessive friction is put onto one wheel. If the brake hoses collapse, your calipers could again press the wheels unevenly.

2. Your brake pedal vibrates while stopping

If your brake pedal vibrates, it usually indicates a warped rotor. As the rotors are put under extreme stress, the metal begins to change shape. Another possibility cause is misaligned wheels. In this case, you’ll need an alignment adjustment from our Germantown auto repair shop.

3. A soft or stiff brake pedal

A soft or spongy brake pedal indicates your brake pads may be worn out. It could also signify a problem with the hydraulic system or a fluid leak. If you notice the pedal is unusually stiff or hard to press, your brake fluid may be dirty or contaminated. There could also be a brake line obstruction.

If your car shows symptoms of a compromised brake system, call our ASE-certified technicians for an inspection today. A problem with this vital system could leave you in danger on the road.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Germantown, Tennessee for a brake check today. See the nice difference, and stay safe this holiday season!

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