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An engine is a complex piece of machinery made up of several parts, and engine problems can have a variety of causes. However, it’s usually one three basic things that are the main causes when your engine stops: bad fuel mix, lack of compression, or lack of spark. Bad Fuel Mix. A bad fuel mix can be caused by a number of things:

  • You run out of gas, and then your car gets sufficient air, but not enough gas
  • Your air intake becomes clogged, and your car gets enough gas, but not enough air
  • Sometimes the fuel system gives the wrong amount of fuel to the mix, and then the car’s combustion stops working correctly
  • The fuel stops burning because of impurities like water in the gas tank

Lack of Compression. When the charge of air and fuel isn’t compressed correctly, an engine’s combustion won’t work the way it should. Lack of compression can be caused by:

  • Worn piston rings that allow air and fuel to leak past pistons during the compression process
  • A leak occurs during compression because the intake or exhaust valves aren’t sealing correctly
  • A hole in the cylinder

Lack of Spark. A weak or non-existent spark can be caused by:

  • A spark plug (or its wires) wears out and begins to leak

  • A wire is cut or missing, or no spark is sent down the wire

  • A spark happens too late or too early (problems with ignition timing). If this happens the fuel won’t ignite correctly, causing a variety of problems

Aside from the “main three” causes of engine problems, other reasons you might need an engine repair shop in Frisco, TX include things like a dead battery, worn crankshaft bearings, obstructions in the tailpipe, a lack of oil, and faulty valves. Whatever the cause, problems with your engine should be checked out as soon as possible by an engine repair shop in Frisco, TX.

As soon as you notice any signs of engine trouble, come to Christian Brothers Automotive, your trusted engine repair shop in Frisco, TX. Our ASE Certified auto mechanics will get your engine humming like new with their quality, affordable work. Call us or stop by today!

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