How to Tell If You Need an Oil Change Frisco

The first sign that your car’s oil needs to be changed deals with the oil itself. In its original state a car’s oil is a medium yellow-brown, almost the color of honey. The oil will naturally darken as it is processed through your car, but when the oil starts to pick up particles, then its time to get an oil change Frisco. The grains in the oil will prevent the filter from keeping the engine as clean as it should, so the oil needs to be changed.

The next sign that your oil needs to be changed is when your engine starts running louder than usual. The oil is present in your car to lubricate your engine to keep it running as efficiently as possible, and without the oil the components of the engine start to grind together. That grinding creates excess noise in your engine, which is a sure indicator that your car needs an oil change Frisco.

One of the easiest ways to know when its time to change your car’s oil is to get on a schedule to keep track of when it’s time for a change. When you’ve got a schedule for changing your car’s oil you don’t have to worry about the oil in your car going bad, because you’ll have a regularly scheduled time to check on the oil’s state. If you check the oil and it’s a good color and consistency, then you can leave it in for a while longer. Either way, checking the oil regularly will keep you informed about the oil levels so you can protect your car.

Oil is critically important to the proper running of your car. Oil keeps your engine running efficiently, which will lengthen the life of your car and reduce the amount of gasoline needed to run your car. Christian Brothers Automotive has the experience necessary to help you choose the kind of oil that will keep your car at its peak, and they’ll even replace your oil for you. Contact them to find out more.

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