Four Signs You Should Get an Oil Change at Car Repair Service in Frisco TX

Motor Oil Turns to a Black Sludge

New motor oil has a dark honey color and thin consistency. It turns darker and thicker as it’s used. If the oil is a deep brownish-black or black and contains particles, take your vehicle to a car repair service in Frisco TX for an oil change. Dark, sludgy motor oil overloads your oil filter with grit and can destroy your engine if you drive much longer without an oil change.

You should check the color and consistency of your car’s oil once a month. If you have an older car or use your vehicle for a delivery job or other activities that require a significant amount of driving, check your oil every time you get gas.

The Check Engine Light Stays On

If your Check Engine light turns on every time you put your key into the ignition, don’t ignore it. When oil becomes old and stagnant, it clogs up your engine and impedes easy start-up. Check your oil first when your engine light comes on before searching for more complicated reasons for the warning.

You Have Reached Your Time or Mileage Limit for an Oil Change

It’s commonly believed that you should change oil every 3,000 miles, but this guideline doesn’t apply to most car owners. Most car manuals suggest changing oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Many factors contribute to the best interval between oil changes, including driving conditions and the type of motor oil used. A driver using mineral-grade motor oil needs to change oil more often than a driver using synthetic DW-30, DW-40 or SW-40 oil. Your mechanic at a car repair service in Frisco TX can recommend the proper interval between oil changes – and the best oil for your vehicle.

Our experienced repairmen offer thorough, professional oil change service. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we offer a free Courtesy Inspection when you bring your car in for repair. We’ll check your vehicle’s oil level and other fluids. If an oil change is necessary, we have high-quality synthetic and semi-synthetic oil on premises. For drivers who prefer ecologically-friendly products, we also stock recycled motor oil.

When you bring your car in for an oil change at Christian Brothers, we’ll also check your brake fluid and make sure your vehicle is in peak condition before leaving the shop. For an excellent car repair service in Frisco TX, call us or book an appointment online.

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