Four Signs You May Need a Brake Service in Frisco, TX

Here are some brake problems to look out for:

Grinding/shrieking sounds

Brake pads have a built-in warning system that tells you when they’re wearing thin. You’ll know this time has come when you hear a grinding, squealing, or shrieking sound coming from your brakes. This noise means that you should bring your car in for a brake service in Frisco, TX as soon as possible. Failing to do so could result in serious damage to your rotors, not to mention an accident.

Brake pedal goes all the way to the floor

You’re driving down the road without a care in the world. Then, as you step on the brakes, you notice that the pedal has no pressure behind it. Your car keeps going forward without slowing down. Panicked, you pump the pedal several times and the pressure returns. You’re able to stop the car, but you find you must continue pumping the pedal for the brakes to work. This is a sign that air has gotten into the brake lines, a serious problem that requires immediate brake repair or service in Frisco, TX.

Low or “mushy” brake pedal

You notice that the brake pedal travels further than normal before your car stops. Sometimes it may feel “spongy” or “mushy”. These are signs that your car is leaking brake fluid. Should you lose all the fluid you won’t be able to stop your car at all. This problem requires immediate attention from a qualified brakes shop in Frisco, TX. Some people try to make do by topping off the brake fluid every time they drive. But this doesn't solve the underlying problem. In fact, it can even make it worse.

Steering wheel shakes when you step on the pedal

If your steering wheel jumps back and forth in your hand when you brake, then the likely cause is warped pads or rotors. This problem greatly reduces your ability to stop the vehicle and can destroy expensive parts if not repaired in time. Bring your car in for a brake service in Frisco, TXif you ever notice this issue.

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