Common Issues for Auto Repair in Frisco, TX

Take note of possible issues and have your car checked at our Frisco, TX auto repair shop:

1. Emissions

One of the most ignored warning signs is one in relation to your car’s emissions system. It is the check engine light. It is very common, especially in older cars, for this light to be on constantly for a long period of time without the owner taking action. Granted, the light simply being on may not indicate real danger. But action should still be taken to determine what the problem is. The problem could be with you catalytic convertor. This is the part of your vehicle that converts the toxic byproducts of the exhaust into less toxic ones. If there is significant build-up on the catalytic convertor, it could to malfunction and sever exhaust restriction. In the case of a misfire, the check engine light will actually flash, not just glow. If your light is flashing, this indicates the need for immediate professional Frisco, TX auto repair attention.

2. Transmission

The transmission of your vehicle is responsible for the proper shifting of gears involved in moving your car. The major parts of the transmission where problems arrive and cause problems are with the fluid and filter. If your car won’t go or won’t go smoothly, it is possible your transmission fluid is not sufficient or your filter is clogged. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Frisco, TX our professionally trained auto repair technicians will check for fluid leaks and replace clogged filters in order to resolve transmission issues.

3. Wheels

Problems with wheel bearings or axis can often be confused with brake problems. If there is a regular noise as you drive (might sound like you’re in a pod racer from Star Wars) or if your steering wheel shakes, it is likely an issue with your bearings or axis. These issues can seriously inhibit the quality and safety of your driving. While they may not seem too serious, problems with your wheels can eventually lead to serious damage and danger. It is well worth the price and hassle to have your auto repair professionals in Frisco, TX take a look at the problem.

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