Brakes Shop Frisco TX: Brake Repair Terminology You Should Know

Anti-lock brakes. Also called ABS, this is a braking system that keeps your wheels from locking up when you have to make a sudden, hard stop. ABS brakes can shorten stopping distances while letting you stay in control of steering while you’re braking. The sensors that control the anti-lock part of the brake system can get dirty and require cleaning.

Master cylinder. This is the device that pressurizes brake fluid in your hydraulic brake system and is activated by stepping on the brake pedal. Master cylinders can be rebuilt or replaced.

Disc brakes. These are brakes that consist of a disc (or a rotor) mounted on an axle with a caliper assembly that squeezes two brake pads against the disc to slow it down. The term, “turn the rotors,” is one that mechanics use for putting rotors on a lathe and machining them to remove grooves or surface imperfections that inhibit their braking power.

Brake calipers. These are the housings that fit over the brake discs. They hold the brake pads that are pressed against the sides of the disc to stop it from turning. Calipers can sometimes stick, causing brake pads to be worn down faster.

Brake pads. The brake pad is covered in a friction material that contacts the discs to slow your car down. These are the parts that usually wear out first in your brake system and are the least expensive to repair. If left on your car after they’ve worn down, the exposed rivets under the friction material can put grooves into your discs, which leads to more expensive repairs.

Brake lines. These are thin, metal tubes that allow the brake fluid pressure to move from themaster cylinder to the calipers on the brake discs that are needed to stop your car. Brake lines can be damaged and leak, which will require replacement. When your brakes shop Frisco TX technician tells you he has to “bleed” the brakes, he means that he will have to removed excess air or water that can sometimes invade the brake lines.

Power brakes. This is a brake system that uses a power booster to ease braking. Vacuum from your engine allows the power booster to multiply the force your foot applies to the brakes. Power brakes can have all the same problems that non-power brakes have with the addition of the possible need for replacing the power booster.

When you take your car to a brakes shop Frisco TX, ask for a complete explanation of what your car needs and why. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Frisco, we will be more than happy to explain why your brakes need to be repaired and why the parts we repair or replace are important to your braking system. Visit our website or call us to make a service appointment today.

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